Cushing’s, Cancer and Other Serious Diseases

I was drawn to this blog post because the author mentioned that she had both Cushing’s and cancer, a kind of unusual combination.

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I still haven’t heard what the consensus is on my aftercare: Cushing’s and Cancer. I don’t know what I will be expecting to feel like after surgery. My endocrinologist said that I should get sick after the surgery and need some kind of
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I don’t usually comment on blog posts but I did on this one because we seem to share so much, disease-wise.

I said

Hi, I was drawn to your blog post because I have a blog with the same name, Cushings & Cancer.

I had my Cushing’s long ago and my cancer (kidney aka renal cell carcinoma) was 3 years ago but I sure know where you’re coming for.

My surgeon contacted my endo for the amounts of steroids during surgery (they came through the IV) then post-op, they kept cutting my dose in half until I was back down to normal.
Generally, you stress-dose after surgery if you feel like you have a flu coming on. Has your endo given you Cortef or another steroid to take for emergencies like this? Sometimes, they will give you an injectible to be faster acting.

Best of luck with the cancer surgery AND your Cushing’s.

I sure hope that this isn’t a trend, Cushies getting cancer although I know of a couple others on the boards getting cancer.

I suppose Cushing’s doesn’t make us any more immune to other diseases but it seems like it should.

Haven’t we already “done our time”?

OTOH, I have a friend with a serious cancer (aren’t they all?)  who recently learned that she has a second, unrelated, cancer.  Makes you wonder sometimes.

What other diseases have you had in addition to your Cushing’s?

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