Cushing’s Syndrome Etiology Affects Adrenal Function Recovery

The aim was to analyze the postsurgical duration of adrenal insufficiency of patients with Cushing’s disease (CD), adrenal CS and ectopic CS.


We performed a retrospective analysis based on the case records of 230 CS patients in our tertiary referral center treated from 1983 to 2014. The mean follow-up time was 8 years.

The probability of recovering adrenal function within a 5 years follow-up differed significantly between subtypes (p=0.001). It was 82 % in ectopic CS, 58 % in Cushing’s disease and 38 % in adrenal CS. In the total cohort with restored adrenal function (n=52) the median time to recovery differed between subtypes: 0.6 (IQR 0.03–1.1) years in ectopic CS, 1.4 (IQR 0.9–3.4) years in CD, and 2.5 (IQR 1.6–5.4) years in adrenal CS (p=0.002). In CD the Cox proportional-hazards model showed that the probability of recovery was associated with younger age (hazard ratio 0.896, 95% CI 0.822–0.976, p=0.012), independently of sex, BMI, duration of symptoms, and basal ACTH and cortisol levels. There was no correlation with length and extend of hypercortisolism or postoperative glucocorticoid replacement doses.


Time to recovery of adrenal function is dependent on the underlying etiology of CS.

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