40 Days of Thankfulness: Day Twelve

Today, I am thankful for Saturdays.  It’ the one day of the week I don’t have to be anywhere, do anything.  I can do webwork, if I want, but I don’t have any deadlines.

I never have doctor appointments on Saturdays, no medical testing.

No piano students.  I don’t even talk to prospective students on Saturdays.

It’s a day for maybe brunch, a trip to the farm, maybe a little TV, maybe (most assuredly!)  a nap.

Saturdays are family days, even though our family is smaller than it was.

Saturdays are always full of promise.

Off to see what today’s promise is…

40 Days of Thankfulness: Day Eleven

Today, I am thankful for Lisa.  Her photography studio ( http://www.dickensstudio.com/ ) held a Girls Night Out fundraiser which benefitted Cushing’s Help.

Last night’s raffle raised $600.00 and that will go a long way to keeping the message boards up and running for another year.

You, too, can be thankful for Lisa here.  🙂

40 Days of Thankfulness: Day Ten

Today I am most thankful for naps!

40 Days of Thankfulness: Day Nine

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I am so thankful for all my doctors but today I am thankful for Dr. Amir Al-Juburi who saved my life by removing my kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma).

In 2006 I picked up my husband for a biopsy and took him to an outpatient surgical center. While I was there waiting for the biopsy to be completed, I started noticing blood in my urine and major abdominal cramps. I left messages for several of my doctors on what I should do. I finally decided to see my PCP after I got my husband home.

When Tom was done with his testing, his doctor took one look at me and asked if I wanted an ambulance. I said no, that I thought I could make it to the emergency room ok – Tom couldn’t drive because of the anaesthetic they had given him. I barely made it to the ER and left the car with Tom to park. Tom’s doctor followed us to the ER and became my new doctor.

When I was diagnosed in the ER with kidney cancer, Tom’s doctor said that he could do the surgery but that he would recommend someone even more experienced, Dr. Amir Al-Juburi.

Dr. Amir Al-Juburi has been so kind to me, almost like a kindly grandfather might be, and he got rid of all 10 pounds of my kidney and cancer.

I owe him, the original doctor, and my Cushing’s doctors (who will be featured later!), my life.

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40 Days of Thankfulness: Day Eight

I called our son today, just to see how he was doing.  I am thankful that he’s doing so well for himself, has a good job, good friends, is a fine musician and that he’s not afraid to say he loves his parents.  :)We love you, too!

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