The Cushing’s Help  message boards were founded on September 30, 2000

There are over 300,000 posts and 9,000 members as well as a chatroom, photo gallery and much more.  Over the years, we’ve surely covered your issues!

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  1. My daughter lives in Colorado. She had adrenal surgery for Cushins syndrome recently. We cannot find any experienced doctors here. Does anyone know where she can get the care she needs? Where would be the closest place?

  2. I started Korlym for my Cushing’s 2 and 1/2 months ago. I gained 10 pounds right after I started!! Doc said weight loss will happen but after 4-6 months! Has anyone else had any weight gain on Korlym?



  3. my dr did not tell me I had cushings but I have hashimotos, and I just started Korlym, does anyone know about weight loss, I am now taking 3 thyroid meds. I almost just want to stop all of them

  4. Can someone please offer help, ive been suffering for a year and just got blood results today with a high cortisol reading. My doctor said that my contraceptive pill could have caused this, however, I am not on the regular pill but on the POP progesteron only pill. Is anyone aware of if this raises cortisol levels the same way the regular combined pill does? Any help would be so very much appreciated!

  5. […] Please respond here, on the message boards, or in the original post. […]

  6. I’m looking for good doctor in Orange County California. Southern California.

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