Cushing’s and kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma) patient, founder, owner and webmaster of Cushing’s Help and Support, web designer, piano teacher and mom.

I am a Cushing’s patient who has dealt with Cushing’s symptoms and the aftereffects of pituitary surgery since 1983.

Because I had very little support for my symptoms, diagnosis and surgery, I decided to try to make things a little better for other patients and started a support site called Cushing’s Help and Support in 2000. The site has grown to astronomical numbers. This disease isn’t as rare as doctors have told us!

In 2006, I was also diagnosed with kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma). My left kidney and adrenal gland were removed. Having an adrenal gland removed complicates my post-Cushing’s symptoms.

I am not planning to have any more rare and unusual diseases.

My entire bio to date can be found here: http://www.cushings-help.com/maryos_story.htm

All our Cushing’s-related sites:

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  1. mary o’connor: i had cushing’s disease since i first diagnosed myself from a textbook in spring of 1993! i am now cured, thanks to drs. edward laws, dan kelly, and, amin kassam!! my dear friends! mary, i put off writing you ’til now. i got your phone number, but, you would not come to the phone. how did i do this! i studied computer science in college, trade schools, etc. fine until 1985, when bill gates came out with “windows”. we programmers were left without jobs. i want to tell you my story. mine is the longest, saddest, most complicated you have ever, ever heard of. i will keep trying to reach you by other means in the meantime. all your friends know me down through the years: karen campbell, etc. mary, i now have recurrent left facial squamous cell carcinoma of the buccal region (cheek). fast growing, very agressive, high rate of recurrence. i had 3 surgeries for this monster in 2012-2013. 4 weeks in i.c.u.! it has come back. i will find you. or, you can find me. today is sunday, nov. 16, 2014. 3:12 p.m. cst. i am robert e. dean, jr. 1908 kingsley ave. memphis, tenn. 38127. u.s.a. 901-573-0806 (cell). rdean1908@gmail.com. mary-call me. send me an e-mail. i am tied up with cancer- trying to survive. but, i was tied up with cushing’s disease for 17 years- yes, 17 years, as well, and, somehow, i have lived through all of this hideous mess!

  2. […] Your donation helped pay for the message boards, the main website, the Cushie Wiki and several blogs. […]

  3. Celebrating on Saturday 18 years with out adrenal glands!!!
    So glad I woke up today!!!!!💗

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