40 Days of Thankfulness: Day Eighteen

This is going to sound really stupid but today I am thankful for my dropbox.  I have files all over the place and I work on them on different computers (PC and Mac), or my iPhone, iPad and other places.  If I’m away from home without anything (rarely happens!) I can still access my stuff online and do with it whatever I want.

I am really lazy and it’s so nice to have my files synced everywhere.  I don’t have to try to find a cable, zip drive or SD card.  Sometimes I’ll find an image or a program I want to install on a different computer and I just stash it in my dropbox.  When I’m done, I delete it or move it to its permant home to save space on the dropbox.

I’m also cheap so I just have the free version and I’m always monitoring how much space is available.  I seem to be running about about a third capacity most of the time.

This really makes my life a little easier and, for that, I’m very thankful today!

40 Days of Thankfulness: Day Seventeen


Today I am thankful for my dog, Mimi.  She’s a beautiful dog, sweet, loving and usually very mild-mannered, but she’ll bark her head off whenever she hears someone in the driveway.

Tonight, she barked at potential trick-or-treaters and we have lots of candy left over.  🙂

Thanks, Mimi!

40 Days of Thankfulness: Day Sixteen

Today I am thankful that the skunk already passed by when  I took Mimi out for a walk!

It’s so not fair!  I can’t smell lots of flowers or perfumes but I can smell a skunk blocks away.

40 Days of Thankfulness: Day Fifteen

I hope I’m not jinxing myself but today I am thankful that I haven’t had any migraines for a long time.

It’s not “just” not having migraines, but the fact that, should I get one, there’s nothing I can do about them anymore.

I used to get migraines quite often, a hormone thing probably.  I spent lots of hours in a completely dark room, blocking out sound, trying to keep my head from pounding.

There was a long period of time that I had a migraine 6 days out of the week for several weeks.  By accident, a friend asked me on a Monday if I had one that day and that started me thinking – why do I have them every day except Mondays?  I figured out that it wasn’t a migraine at all but an allergy headache – I was allergic to the bath oil I was using Monday-Saturday.  I gave that to my Mom and those headaches went away.

I still often get allergy headaches.  Since my Cushing’s transsphenoidal pituitary surgery, I can’t smell things very well and I often don’t know if there’s a scent that is going to trigger an allergic reaction.  In church and elsewhere, my Mom will be my “Royal Sniffer” and if someone is wearing perfume or something scented, she’ll let me know and we’ll move to a new location.

There’s a double whammy here – since my kidney cancer surgery my doctor won’t let me take NSAIDs, asperin, Tylenol, any of the meds that might help a headache go away.  My only hope would be that coffee from Day Fourteen. And that’s definitely not usually enough to get rid of one of these monsters.

So, I am very thankful that, for the moment, I am headache/migraine free!

40 Days of Thankfulness: Day Fourteen

Today, and every day, I am thankful for coffee.  Without it, I would have a daily headache and I’d have even less energy than I have now.

I first started drinking coffee when I had my first job as a waitress at a Hayes-Bickford in Boston, MA.  This was a summer job.  A bunch of my college friends had gotten an apartment near Fenway Park in Boston and most of us were waitresses in various places.  Hayes-Bickford was marginally better than a dive.

I was fortunate that I was the youngest waitress at that Hayes-Bickford, so I got the best tips. This was a l-o-n-g time ago – I’d get out of work sometime after midnight, take the Boston subway alone to our apartment, with an apron full of my tips, mostly in jangly change.  That could never happen any more!  Even without the money, I still wouldn’t wander around the Boston Common area of Boston alone after midnight.

The food at HB wasn’t so great.  Sometimes, a patron would order some type of meat and the chef would say we were out of it, to put gravy on whatever-we-had and tell the diner that it was what he had ordered.  We were usually out of a lot of things.

But the coffee was good and I learned to drink it, lots of it, and black, something I still do today.  If I could do the IV thing, I would!

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