Interview with Laura (LauraNG) October 29 at 9:00PM eastern

October 29 at 9:00PM eastern, Interview with Laura (LauraNG)

This interview will take place at 9:00 PM eastern – please note later time!

Laura has been struggling since 2007 with various odd things happening to her body.

In March of 2009 she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and Hypothyroid.

Her bio contains a long list of symptoms she has and she has been misdiagnosed with Obesity, Diabetes, Kidney stones, Depression, MS, Manic/Depressive, TIA, Anxiety – stress, Not exercising enough, Not eating properly, Abusive relationship (due to bruising).

In responding to the email confirming this interview Laura wrote:

“When I started reading the bio’s of people like myself, I started to cry tears of relief that what I may have, is actually ONE real thing. I cannot tell you how happy I was to find your website and I think it is wonderful that so many people who truly understand how frustrating it is to think we are alone, are willing to put themselves out there as beacons of hope for the rest of us. I felt so strongly, that I wanted to add my bio and offer myself for interview. If I can help one person feel a little calmer while they go through this process, I am more than willing. I don’t know if I have Cushing’s but if I do, it is important to me to reach out to others because the attacks coming from the physical and mental side of this illness, deserve to be exposed and recognized. Even though I am feeling a bit humiliated, reclusive and embarassed because of what it is doing to me.”

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