Cushing’s iPhone/iPod Apps

Coming soon! A Cushing’s App for the iPod/iPhone.  There’s a mockup you can play with at

Right now it has Podcasts, Cushing’s News, Latest Bios, Upcoming Events, Blog, Twitter, NIH Trials, the latest posts on the Message Boards, Helpful Links, New MDs, Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, PubMed, WebMD.

More may be added before this goes live later this month.

People have suggested symptoms and/or drug trackers.  Robin found us a really neat way to make our own individual specially tailored apps.

The following directions are adapted from and could also be used to track surgeries, weight, anything you want.

How to Build Your Own iPhone Tracker/Reminder System:

1) First, go to Google Docs.  Start a new spreadsheet and fill in the columns you want to track. Like this:


You can see that this example tracks weight, whether or not meds were taken, and how you feel.

2) Create a form (click “Form”–>”Create a form”). The form will already have your column headers populated as questions automatically (you don’t need to add a column for date or time, as Google will do this automatically).

You’ll then have a form like this:


You can add a little flair via the “Theme” selector.

You can also change the “Took Medication” into a multiple choice question and the “I Feel…” into a Likert scale, if you wish:



3) After you finish the form, email it to yourself. When you get the email, open it on your iPod/iPhone.  Follow the link and this is what you’ll get:


Tah dah. A form on your phone that you can fill out. Fill it out and submit it. Each time you fill out the form, it automatically adds the data to the right spot in your spreadsheet. Like so:


Cool, right?

4) Wondering how your doing without having to look at the spreadsheet? No problem. When editing your form, select “More actions” –> “Edit confirmation.” Check the “Let everyone see response summary” box.


Now, every time you complete the form, you’ll get a confirmation screen with a link to a summary screen. Here it is:


5) What’s that? You don’t want to have to click a link in an email (that you’ll probably lose) every day to get to the form. Me neither. So, when you have the form open, click that little “+” sign at the bottom of the screen and you’ll get this:


Select “Add to Home Screen”. You’ll then get a screen asking you to name your icon and then you can place it anywhere on your iPod/iPhone. Viola.


Check it out…it’s even got the fancy theme to make the icon look good.

So, every time you need to record your medication (or whatever), just click the icon and fill out the form. Done.

6) Need a reminder?

Go to your Google Calendar and set up a recurring “meeting” for yourself. Like so:


Now, you’ll get an email reminding you to complete your tracker.

7) Need more help?  Discuss this on the message boards.

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