Author To Discuss Cushing’s in Podcast

twinkie from the message board writes:

Hello all! As some of you know I have written and published a book. I’ll be interviewed tomorrow (May 25, 2011) and I asked the interviewer if, along with questions about my book, she would ask one or two questions about Cushing’s. TRYING to get the word out! I’m also doing a blog tour and most of the hosts have been kind enough to put my bio up on their sites which includes information about cushing’s and this site.

Here is the link if you want to listen in:

The podcast is at 3:30 Pacific time.

You can also find info regarding my tour at You don’t have to buy a book but you could always ask a question about cushings in the comment section of the hosting blog.

Thanks Mary O for this fabulous tool you’ve created here! You saved my life.

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