Have You Been Helped by Health IT?

Do you have a story of how health IT, especially access to data, helped in a case?  Improved an outcome, speeded a diagnosis, caught an error, anything?

The National eHealth Coalition is looking for real-world anecdotes, for use (anonymized or not) in their new “NeHC University”:

On June 20th we are hosting NHIN 304 – HIE Success Stories from the Patient Perspective. Our goal for that class is to get some stories from/focusing on patients whose health was improved or whose care was made more effective as a result of health information technology and exchange. …

We are not necessarily looking for patients to speak on the webinar (although that would be great), but we do want to share some patient-centric examples that will emphasize the value proposition of health information exchange from the patient/consumer perspective.

To contribute, write directly to NeHC’s Jenna Bramble at jbramble@nationalehealth.org

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