Have You Had A Cushing’s Recurrence? Please Help with This Video Project!

Trisha writes: 

Working on a new video with Beth G. as my partner. With Corlum now thrown in the mix, we want to compare the best treatment options for recurring cushings. We want to hear from you about weather you are glad you had a BLA? if you could do it over again, would you? If you had meds available, did you try them first? What challanges do you have on a regular basis because of BLA? Why would you not want a BLA? What do you hope to get out of having a BLA?

We are not looking for the medical side, just the human side. If you would like to participate, message both Beth and myself on the same message. If you have a webcam, we would like to include video into the video and set up an interview.

Remember, its all about Awareness!


Beth says:

I’m working on a questionnaire so that everybody can answer the same set of questions. Trisha or I will email it so you to fill out, so can anybody interested please send us your email address? We’re interested in you if: 

a) You’ve had a BLA
b) You’re considering a BLA
c) You’re a potential candidate but would never consider a BLA

PLEASE REMEMBER: Any information you provide related to a BLA will become public, so if you’re not willing to have your thoughts and answers shared with the public (meaning outside of this group in a video that will hopefully go viral on youtube!) then please don’t sign up to help with this project!

Feel free to ask us questions! Thanks!!


If you want to participate, please email Beth at icybluesnow@gmail.com


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