Know Your Number

English: "Dr. Harvey Cushing," oil o...

English: “Dr. Harvey Cushing,” oil on canvas, by the American artist Edmund Tarbell. Courtesy of the Dittrick Medical History Center. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From my email:

As an advocate for patients with Cushing’s disease and their supporters, you certainly understand the importance of continually monitoring cortisol.

April 8th marks Cushing’s Awareness Day and the birthday of Dr. Harvey Cushing, who first described the disease in 1912. We want to use the month of April to bring attention to this disease. In honor of this day, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation is kicking off “Know Your Number,” an important new program emphasizing the importance of cortisol regulation.

Being an advocate for those with Cushing’s disease and for those who care for them, you know that even after a successful pituitary surgery, where cortisol levels return to normal, there is still up to a 35% risk the pituitary tumor could begin to grow again, thus causing hypercortisolism. This potential rise in cortisol is also true for patients who are currently taking medication to control their Cushing’s disease. Over time, this control may begin to diminish. These important facts make it essential that your members are aware of the need to monitor their cortisol level.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation is initiating an important new program, and we would like to partner with Cushing’s Help and Support to bring this information to your membership and to all patients with Cushing’s disease. “Know Your Number” reminds both endocrinologists and patients that hypercortisolism can have devastating consequences on a patient’s body and emotions. “Know Your Number” promotes follow-up cortisol testing to help identify those patients whose cortisol levels have increased.

Please reach out to your membership with this message during the month of April as we celebrate Dr. Harvey Cushing’s birthday.

To learn more about this program and Cushing’s disease, and to download a discussion guide, please visit

Know Your Number.

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