A History of the Pituitary — Sylvia Asa, MD

2015 California Pituitary Conference
Dr. Sylvia Asa discusses the discoveries that have shaped our understanding of the pituitary gland, its significant and the diseases associated with it.

Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery – Remission Rates and Gland Preservation – Daniel F. Kelly, MD

2015 California Pituitary Conference

Dr. Daniel Kelly discusses the outcomes of endoscopic pituitary surgery with regards to endocrine function. He analyzes the current literature and the Pacific Brain Tumor Center’s experience with remission rates of hormone secreting tumors. He also evaluates the rate of pituitary dysfunction following pituitary tumor surgery.

Cushing’s Syndrome

Prof André Lacroix, MDcorrespondence,  Richard A Feelders, MD, Constantine A Stratakis, MD, Lynnette K Nieman, MD

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Enzyme that triggers muscle wasting could be key to REVERSING signs of ageing | Daily Mail Online

Drawing on expertise from both the University of Birmingham and Queen Elizabeth Hospitals Birmingham, they applied their knowledge of Cushing’s syndrome to the new problem (sarcopenia).

Cushing’s is hormonal disorder caused by high levels of cortisol. Patients suffer from the syndrome see marked changes in their body composition.

The effects can be devastating for patients who can develop features such as muscle wasting and weakness, weight gain, thinning of the bones, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Dr Hassan-Smith said: ‘Looking at this particular enzyme seemed like an intriguing way forward.

‘We knew how it works in relation to Cushing’s Syndrome, which is characterised by similar symptoms, and thought it would be worthwhile applying what we knew to the ageing population.’

Currently there are no treatments for sarcopenia, the team explained.

But pharmaceutical companies are developing and testing ways to block or switch off the enzyme, with a focus on treatments for conditions including diabetes.

The team is excited about taking the results of their study forward into future research, with one eye on adapting the inhibitors already in development to combat muscle ageing.

Dr Hassan Smith added: ‘The next stage is a “proof of concept” study to look at the effects of these inhibitive pharmaceuticals on muscle function, before opening it up into a clinical trial.

‘It’s an as yet unexplored area that could yield beneficial results for a problem that is becoming more prevalent as our lifespans increase.’

The study was published in the journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.


via Enzyme that triggers muscle wasting could be key to REVERSING signs of ageing | Daily Mail Online.

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