Cushing’s Syndrome and Primary Adrenal Disorders



April 03, 2016

Oral Session: Cushing’s Syndrome and Primary Adrenal Disorders

Patients with diabetes mellitus diagnosed with Addison’s disease have a markedly increased additional risk of death

D Chantzichristos, A Persson, B Eliasson, M Miftaraj, S Franzén, R Bergthorsdottir, S Gudbjörnsdottir, A-M Svensson, G Johannsson

Summary: Researchers sought to determine if patients with diabetes (DM) who are diagnosed with Addison’s disease (AD) have an increased risk of mortality (DM+AD). They concluded that patients diagnosed with DM+AD had a nearly 4-fold increased risk of mortality compared to controls.


  • Researchers identified patients who were first diagnosed with DM (type 1 or 2) and then AD using both the Swedish National Diabetes Register (NDR) and the National Inpatient Register between January 1st, 1996 and December 31th, 2012.
  • Each patients was matched with 5 controls based on sex, year of birth, type of DM, year when DM was diagnosed, and period of time in NDR were selected in NDR.
  • Researchers obtained causes of death data for both groups during the same time period from the Swedish Register for Cause-Specific Mortality.


  • A total of 1,355 patients were identified: 226 patients had DM (type 1 or 2) and AD and 1,129 matched DM controls.
  • At baseline, patients with DM+AD and patients with DM had a mean (±SD) age of 52.3 (±20.1) and 54.1 (±18.9) years, respectively.
  • In both groups, 47% were women and 65% had type 1 DM.
  • Mean (±SD) HbA1c at baseline was 7.8% (±3.5%) or 62.0 (±14.7) mmol/mol for the DM+AD group and 7.6% (±3.5%) or 59.6 (±14.7) mmol/mol for the DM controls.
  •  More than one-quarter of patients with DM+AD (64/226, 28%) died vs 112 of 1,129 controls (10%).
  • The estimated relative risk increase (hazard ratio) in overall mortality in the DM+AD group was 3.83 (95% confidence interval, 2.80 to 5.24) compared with the DM controls.
  • There was no significant association between type of DM and gender on relative mortality risk.
  • The most common cause of death in both groups was cardiovascular diseases (33% and 34%, respectively).
  • The second most common cause of death in DM+AD patients was DM and its related complications (23%) and cancer in the DM group (29%).
  • Fourteen percent of DM+AD patients died from cancer.


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