Mortality in cured Cushing’s disease

In patients diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, mortality is high compared to the general population However, it is not yet known if this mortality remains high even after initial therapy.

Therefore van Haalen et al., performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of follow-up studies in patients cured from Cushing’s disease after initial treatment. They found that mortality remained high in patients with Cushing’s disease even after initial biochemical cure remission, suggesting that cure does not directly reverse the metabolic consequences of long-term overexposure to cortisol.

Read full article by van Haalan et al., titled ‘Mortality remains increased in Cushing’s disease despite biochemical remission: a systematic review and meta-analysis’, European Journal of Endocrinology 172, R143-R149.

DOI: 10.1530/EJE-14-0556


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