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The doctors listed here have been recommended to Cushing’s Help by other patients as being helpful to them.  These physicians are familiar with the symptoms and treatment of Cushing’s Disease (pituitary) and Cushing’s Syndrome. Your primary care physician may be able to order very basic screening tests. Some of these doctors may require a referral and/or an abnormal test result prior to scheduling an appointment.

Cushing’s Help does not endorse any particular physician. Choosing a particular physician and substantiating his/her expertise is the responsibility of the individual patient.

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This list is a continuing resource as new doctors are added, edited OR removed.




Dr. Eric Sauvageau 

Specialty: Endovascular Neurosurgeon

Location: 800 Prudential Drive – Suite 1100
Jacksonville, FL

Phone: 904-388-6518

Website: http://www.baptistjax.com/doctors/endovascular-neurosurgeon/dr-eric-sauvageau-md

Patient Comment: I went to him for my IPSS procedure. I was VERY impressed by the care that I received. Dr. Sauvageau is Top-Notch! He answered all of my questions & made me feel more comfortable about the IPSS. Very caring. He made a REALLY scary test (that I had cried about many times) EASY PEASY. In fact, everyone at the hospital was super nice! I went to him based on the reviews of 2 other Cushies . He is highly experienced in the procedure and used to do IPSS tests at OSU. I had no pain afterwards and I could barely find where they went in.


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