Day Seven, Cushing’s Awareness Challenge

Sleep.  Naps.  Fatigue.  I still have them all.  I wrote on my bio in 1987 after my pituitary surgery “I am still and always tired and need a nap most days. I do not, however, still need to take whole days off just to sleep.

That seems to be changing back, at least on the weekends.  Last weekend, both days, I took 7-hour naps each day and I woke up tired. That’s awfully close to taking a whole day off to sleep again.

In 2006, I flew to Chicago, IL for a Cushing’s weekend in Rockford.  Someone else drove us to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for the day.  Too much travel, too Cushie, whatever, I was too tired to stay awake.  I actually had put my head down on the dining room table and fallen asleep but our hostess suggested the sofa instead.

Sleeping in Rockford

This sleeping thing really impacts my life.  Between choir rehearsals, I come home for a 45-minute nap.  Sometimes, during adult choir rehearsals, I start to nod off anyway.

I only TiVo old tv shows that I can watch and fall asleep to since I already know the ending.

Maybe now that I’m more than 5 years out from my kidney cancer I can go back on Growth Hormone again.  My surgeon says he “thinks” it’s ok.  I’m sort of afraid to ask my endo about it, though.  I want to feel better and get the benefits of the GH again but I dont want any type of cancer again and I certainly can’t afford to lose another kidney.

I’m feeling so old and weary today…

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  1. Now 12 months post pit surgery. An hour is about enough but I do still need an afternoon nap. I have had spells of getting through a whole day without an extra sleep but just recently am needing one every day. Not happy with this, but figure its something I am going to have to live with.

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