Notes on the Magic Foundation Cushing’s Conference, 2012

Here are links to all the posts in order, although some still need to be edited.  I posted these directly from the meeting hall with no rereads or rewrites.  If anyone has anything to add, edit or delete, please let me know!


  • Magic Conference: Understanding your Pituitary Gland in Health and Disease

Dr. Frohman will present an overview of the pituitary gland. He will cover general aspects of pituitary function and testing and also review the types of pituitary disease that occur, including pituitary tumors and Sheehan’s Syndrome. Many people ask and wonder if Growth Hormone Deficiency can be inherited. Dr. Frohman will also briefly address that concern.


  • Magic Conference: Testing and Diagnosis Process for Pituitary Disorders

Pituitary disorders can be difficult to diagnose in many cases. Dr. Salvatori will discuss the different testing and diagnostic procedures to determine the pituitary disorder. MAGIC receives many calls asking about diagnostic procedures. This segment will be helpful in understanding what procedures are used today to provide the best treatment available.


  • Magic Conference: Managing Medications and Aftercare of Treatments

It is crucial to monitor your treatments and aftercare of treatments when living with a pituitary disorder. Dr. Salvatori will discuss the importance of these issues so you will be aware of how to manage your pituitary disorder. A simple diagnosis does not mean that medications may be altered or changed in the future. This segment will assist you with information on how to manage your future.


  • Magic Conference: Cushing’s Disease, Are We Closer to Medical Therapies?

A significant proportion of patients with Cushing’s Disease are not cured by primary surgical treatment, the disease is prone to relapse and significantly damages quality of life. Adjuvant radiotherapy is an increasingly unattractive option for clinicians who wish to spare their patients hypopituitarism and other potential complications. Some pharmacological options are currently available but tend to have dose-limiting side effects. New agents recently approved or under investigation will be discussed and strategies to select the optimal drug or drug combination for individual patients reviewed.


  • The Trip So Far…

MaryO’s personal experiences and thoughts


  • Cushing’s Help Turned Twelve During the Conference!

Twelve  years ago I was talking with my dear friend Alice, who runs a wonderful menopause site, Power Surge, wondering why there weren’t many support groups online (OR off!) for Cushing’s and I wondered if I could start one myself.  We decided that I could.

This website ( first went “live” July 21, 2000 and the message boards September 30, 2000. Hopefully, with this site, I’ve made  some helpful differences in someone else’s life.


  • Magic Conference: Treating Cushing’s Disease with Surgery: Ways of Achieving a Cure

Dr. McCutcheon will discuss the ways of treating Cushing’s disease from the surgical perspective, including the different ways of getting to the pituitary, the chances of success, and the potential complications. In addition, special nuances and pitfalls ofsurgery in Cushing’s (as opposed to other types of pituitary tumor) will be addressed.


  • Phil and the Zebra Undies

Dr. McCutcheon is a surprise participant in a gift to Phil.


  • Real Talk: Psychological Process of Illness, part 1

This Segment will be broken into two sections. Part I will be provide an open opportunity for participants to ask relevant questions around the emotional/mental issues in living with a chronic illness. Participants will be able to openly talk about depression, anxiety, trauma, and other processes that occur when living illness.


Due to confidentiality issues, most of this segment is not shared.


  • Real Talk: Psychological Process of Illness, part 2

Part II will focus on seeing ourselves as survivors of illness and the process of staying empowered through illness that impacts us in such a powerful way. Principles of empowerment and how one can turn adversity into opportunity will be discussed. This segment should create an environment that is non judgmental and motivating.


Due to confidentiality issues, most of this segment is not shared.


  • The Rest Of The Trip

Wind-up and heading home

Eventually, all these posts will be edited, cleaned up and typos corrected.;

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