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The anterior pituitary is the anterior, glandu...

The anterior pituitary is the anterior, glandular lobe of the pituitary gland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Acronyms or abbreviations for “Pituitary”

PIT: pituitary
P: Pituitary
PI: pituitary
PT: pituitary
PG: pituitary gland
PIT: pituitary gland
PS: pituitary stalk
NP: normal pituitary
PT: pituitary tumors
PV: pituitary venous
SP: sellar pituitary
PA: pituitary-adrenal
PA: pituitary adenoma
PEX: Pituitary Extract
ap: anterior pituitary
PA: pituitary adenomas
PA: pituitary apoplexy
PAs: pituitary adenomas
PP: posterior pituitary
oPRL: ovine pituitary PRL
phTSH: pituitary human TSH
Pitx1: pituitary homeobox 1
Ptx1: pituitary homeobox 1
BPG: brain-pituitary-gonad
HP: hypothalamo-pituitary
H-P: hypothalamic-pituitary
HP: hypothalamic-pituitary
HP: hypothalamus/pituitary
PAA: pituitary-adrenal axis
A.P.L.: anterior pituitary like
AP: anterior pituitary lobe
pgh: pituitary growth hormone
AP: anterior pituitary gland
APG: anterior pituitary gland
BPE: bovine pituitary extract
EPE: equine pituitary extract
PA: pituitary-adrenocortical
PP: posterior pituitary lobe
AP: Anterior pituitary glands

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