Headache and pituitary disease A systematic review

Clinical Endocrinology, 08/15/2013  Evidence Based Medicine  Review Article

Kreitschmann–Andermahr I et al. –

English: Cavernous sinus

English: Cavernous sinus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Headache is very common in pituitary disease and is reported to be present in more than a third of all patients with pituitary adenomas.

Tumour size, cavernous sinus invasion, traction or displacement of intracranial pain–sensitive structures such as blood vessels, cranial nerves and dura mater, and hormonal hypersecretion are implicated causes.

Some studies suggest that oversecretion of GH and prolactin may be important for the development of headaches and treatment, particularly with somatostatin analogues, has been shown to improve symptoms in these patients.

Otherwise, treatment rests on general treatment options for headaches based an accurate clinical history and a precise classification which includes assessment of the patient’s psychosocial risk factors.

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