Bone Complications in Patients with Cushing’s Syndrome: Looking for clinical, biochemical, and genetic determinants

Osteoporosis International, 11/14/2013  Clinical Article

Trementino L, et al. – Bone loss and fractures are a common complication of CS.

The authors investigate the role of gender, disease etiology, duration, and degree of hypercortisolism as well as the impact of glucocorticoid receptor (GR) polymorphisms on the development of bone complications in CS.

While GR gene variants as well as gender and disease etiology seem not to play a role, the degree and duration of hypercortisolism seem to be the major determinants of bone loss and fractures in this group of patients.

More investigations are needed to understand the real impact of these determinants on the development of bone complications in patients with hypercortisolism.

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