Day 2 Coverage of ENDO 2015



OR22-Osteoporosis–Winner: Outstanding Abstract Award

Effects of teriparatide on bone microarchitecture in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis
S Orlov, R Ridout, L Tile, M Kapral, S Cardew, MR Werb, SD Sandler, J Chang, H Hu, E Szabo, C Derzko, A Cheung

FRI 224-247-Metabolic and Genetic Bone Disorders

The effect of vitamin D supplementation on falls and physical performance in elderly women. A randomized clinical trial
S Yousefian, JC Gallagher, SH Tella

The etiology and risk factors analysis in hypercalcemic crisis
H Liao, DL Lorber, E Cohen

LBF 001-014-Late-breaking Thyroid/HPT Axis II

Diagnostic lobectomy for thyroid nodules >4 cm with benign cytology after fine-needle aspiration is associated with improved outcomes at an acceptable cost compared to observation: …
L Lee, E Theodosopoulos, EJ Mitmaker, JA Lee, J Chabot, JH Kuo

LBF 015-023-Late-breaking Reproductive Endocrinology II

Effect of testosterone treatment on cardiac biomarkers in a randomized controlled trial of men with type 2 diabetes
EJ Gianatti, R Hoermann, Q Lam, P Dupuis, JD Zajac, M Grossmann

OR17-Novel Aspects of Adrenal Tumors and the HPA Axis

Epigenetic modulation of DNA Is associated with fatigue, depression and anxiety in patients with Cushing’s syndrome in remission: A genome-wide methylation study
CAM Glad, JC Andersson-Assarsson, P Berglund, R Bergthorsdottir, O Ragnarsson, G Johannsson

Pharmacogenetic analysis of glucocorticoid gene polymorphisms and prediction of daily dexamethasone doses in adults with congenital adrenal hyperplasia
JS Frassei, LG Gomes, RP Moreira, G Madureira, BB Mendonca, TA Bachega

OR20-Pituitary Tumors-New Clinical Considerations

Reduced mortality in patients with GH replacement therapy – a Swedish study based on more than 4,000 patient-years
DS Olsson, AG Nilsson, P Trimpou, B-A Bengtsson, E Andersson, G Johannsson


Denosumab restores cortical bone loss at the 1/3 radius associated with aging and reduces wrist fracture risk: Analyses from the Freedom extension cross-over group
JP Bilezikian, CL Benhamou, CJF Lin, JP Brown, NS Daizadeh, PR Ebeling, A Fahrleitner-Pammer, E Franek, N Gilchrist, PD Miller, JA Simon1, I Valter, AF Zerbini, C Libanati

OR22-Osteoporosis–Winner Clinical Fellows Abstract Award Travel Grants in Womens Health

Estrone may be more important than testosterone and estradiol for bone health and prevention of fractures in post-menopausal women
G Toraldo, TG Travison, X Zhang, KE Broe, S Bhasin, DP Kiel, AD Coviello

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