Webinar: Psychosocial Aspects of Pituitary Disease

Jessica Diller Martino
Professor – History of Psychology
City University of New York

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Date: Thursday, March 19, 2015
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

Webinar Description:

Please join us on March 19th for a webinar on a topic that is too often ignored: the mental health of pituitary patients. Jessica Diller Kovler, Professor in the History of Psychology at the City University of New York, will join us to discuss psychosocial aspects of pituitary disease.

Learn about the symptoms before and after diagnosis, which symptoms are observed in each type of pituitary dysfunction, and learn ways to cope and connect with others.

Presenter Bio:

Jessica Diller Kovler is a Professor in the History of Psychology at the City University of New York, where she is researching psychosocial aspects of pituitary disease. She is also a medical journalist and former reporter for The New York Times, and has worked collaboratively with the Pituitary Network Association for over a decade.

2015 Tribute to Champions of Hope Community Nominated Awards



It’s that time of year again, when the rare disease community looks amongst themselves to identify and nominate agents of change, agents of innovation, and individuals who are working tirelessly on behalf of those affected by one of the 7,000 rare diseases impacting over 350 million people worldwide. Rare disease activists come from many different disciplines and are usually not recognized for the good work that they are doing. This is our opportunity as a community to come together to celebrate and honor those who are setting higher standards, making significant changes and fearlessly attacking challenges differently. Join Global Genes in recognizing these incredible individuals by nominating your Champion of Hope today.

All nominees will receive a special recognition gift, and those who win, will be asked to join us in Southern California in September at the Tribute To Champions of Hope Gala. Winners must be available Friday, September 25 and Saturday, September 26. 


Nomination Categories

RARE Champion in Medical Care & Treatment

Nominations are being accepted for health care providers who are recognized innovators in clinical care and treatment for rare disease. This nominee engages with patients/families to optimize care and treatment, and has become a leader in care for the specific patient population. Special consideration will be given to those individuals who have created cutting edge programs and support well beyond the current standards of care.


RARE Champion in Science

Nominations are being accepted for researchers who are recognized innovators & leaders in disease specific research, drug development, and scientific process. This person or group works to advance research for a specific rare disease or is a key agent in the provision of tolls and approaches to developing and/or delivering more effective treatments for the rare disease community. Nominees should be conducting research in academia, industry, the clinic, within an advocacy organization or patient driven.


 RARE Champion in Advocacy

Nominations are being accepted for individuals either in rare disease or within the general public who have been involved in a program, event, legislative effort, or something else extraordinary to advocate for rare disease patients and their families. Nominees could include patients, patient advocates, celebrity, legislators, professional/Olympic athletes, etc.


RARE Champion in Teen Advocacy

Nominations are being accepted for young adults that have been instrumental in advocating for a rare disease.   We are looking for a patient or patient advocate who has been involved in a program, event, legislative effort, or something else extraordinary to advocate for rare disease patients, their families or even themselves. 


RARE Champion – Collaborations in Advocacy

In order to advance efforts related to advocacy, we are finding that collaborations are critical and necessary to ensure success for rare disease. We are looking to honor organizations and individuals who have demonstrated a successful collaboration related to rare disease advocacy.   This award should not include scientific collaborations, but rather should focus on collaborative programs and support initiatives, the development of collaborative resources and tools that create impact, collaboration around legislative efforts, collaborations around events, awareness efforts,etc.   Submissions must include the names and contact information for all participating individuals or organizations.


RARE Champion – Collaborations in Science & Technology

In order to advance efforts related to rare disease research, we are finding collaborations are critical to ensure success.   Nominees for this award will have had demonstrated success in advancing science for a disease or family of diseases by creating novel collaborations through science, driven by science collaborations set forth by advocacy organizations, or through a combination of both. Consideration will be given to new ideas working to drive systemic change within the science community through novel collaborations. Submissions must include names and contact information for all parties involved.

 Nominations open March 15.

***Award Recipients are not based on number of submissions. All nominations will be reviewed and winner decided by the Global Genes Award Committee***

2015 Community Nominated Awards for the Tribute to Champions of Hope Gala will be open for submissions starting March 15th!

We are looking to YOU to nominate those individuals and organizations who are making a difference in your rare disease community.

Nominations close on April 30th.  Awards will be determined by nominees’ merit, not by number of submissions.

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