High Cortisol Levels in Urine May Be Linked to Changes in Blood Sugar Metabolism

Abnormally high levels of cortisol in the urine — one of the hallmarks of Cushing’s syndrome — seem to be associated with alterations in blood sugar metabolism in obese patients, a study found.

The study, “Hypercortisolism and altered glucose homeostasis in obese patients in the pre-bariatric surgery assessment,” was published in the journal Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Mary. This encourages me even more that I might be on the right track in my belief that I am able to control my cortisol levels through not eating starchy foods. Starch transforms into sugar. I am saying the source of the problem is starch before it even reaches the sugar stage. Many of my 24-hour urine cortisol tests show high cortisol after eating just a small amount of starchy foods. When I abstain from eating any starchy foods for a 6 month period my cortisol levels return to normal. I have proven this numerous times and have posted all these results and others on my website to prove my theory. Thanks again Mary. I am going to contact The Dept of Medicine and Rehabilitation in Italy to see if they would be interested in my 24-hour urine cortisol results that proves my theory. Hopefully they will want to see my website where I post all of my lab work and findings. It never hurts to ask.


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