Do pituitary issues run in families?

I responded to the above post with:

I posted the link above on my FB in the hopes that some of the folks I know with familial Cushing’s will respond to you. I know of several families like this.

After I had my pituitary surgery and my son started having some similar symptoms, I had him tested. Of course, at the time, the doctor said that there was no way that Cushing’s would run in families. Another thing we now know not to be true.

My son failed his Cushing’s testing at the time but even now he has symptoms of other endocrine issues. I have learned that my father was seeing a specialist for his endocrine issues when I was a child. He’s long gone now and my mother doesn’t remember, or won’t tell, what he was being tested for.

I wish you the best for you and your daughter.

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