Cushing’s Awareness Challenge, Day 6

This seems to be nostalgia time.  Yesterday, I posted a picture from 2007.  This one is from Rockford, IL, Cushing’s Weekend, 2006:



Yes, that’s me asleep.

I flew out to Chicago, drove up to Rockford, IL.  The next day, we all drove up to Wisconsin to have lunch with some other Cushies.  I missed most of that meeting because I fell asleep on the sofa. 😦

Tired, fatigued, missing the main event because I can’t stay awake.

Something similar happened today.  I ring handbells at my church.  I got up and rang at the first service just fine.  I brought my mom home at 9:30.   I needed to leave at 10:30 for the other service we were playing.  Checked my email.  Next thing I knew, it was just after 11.  AACK!

After a quick note apologizing to the director, I fell asleep again and here it is, nearly 6:30pm.  Another day, gone.

I hate this, sleeping all day, missing things, missing beautiful weather.

But that’s life, post-Cushing’s.



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