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The page over at is starting to load pretty slowly and I’m guessing that it’s maybe because of all the blog posts it has to load.  So, I’m going to take all the Cushing’s Awareness Challenge Bloggers from 2012-2014 and post them here so I can delete the blog rolls that they’re in now.

Eventually, when I have time, I’ll add the blogs to the general “All Cushie Blogs” list.  Hopefully, that will speed the page up!  I don’t know if there was a problem last year because I’m sure we had more than 2 of us participating!



Cushing’s Awareness Challenge 2013

Cushing’s Awareness Challenge 2012

Cushing’s Awareness Challenge 15


A continuation of the last post with another of Robin’s great images.  I’ve also heard many of these comments.

I did have #6, cancer – kidney cancer or renal cell carcinoma – in 2006 and the diagnosis was much faster/easier than Cushing’s.  My cancer diagnosis took about an hour in the emergency room.  Cushing’s took about 5 years or so.  Cancer surgery recovery was faster with fewer long-term consequences.

When I told people I had cancer, everyone understood.  When I told them I had Cushing’s, no one did.

That being said, I don’t recommend getting either cancer or Cushing’s!


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Cushing’s Awareness Challenge, Day 6

This seems to be nostalgia time.  Yesterday, I posted a picture from 2007.  This one is from Rockford, IL, Cushing’s Weekend, 2006:



Yes, that’s me asleep.

I flew out to Chicago, drove up to Rockford, IL.  The next day, we all drove up to Wisconsin to have lunch with some other Cushies.  I missed most of that meeting because I fell asleep on the sofa. 😦

Tired, fatigued, missing the main event because I can’t stay awake.

Something similar happened today.  I ring handbells at my church.  I got up and rang at the first service just fine.  I brought my mom home at 9:30.   I needed to leave at 10:30 for the other service we were playing.  Checked my email.  Next thing I knew, it was just after 11.  AACK!

After a quick note apologizing to the director, I fell asleep again and here it is, nearly 6:30pm.  Another day, gone.

I hate this, sleeping all day, missing things, missing beautiful weather.

But that’s life, post-Cushing’s.



Cushing’s Awareness Challenge, Day Five


The picture above is from a 2007 Cushing’s meeting in Columbus, OH when we all gathered around my rented yellow Cushie Cruiser.  There are more pictures from that year at Columbus, OH 2007

As always, it was great to get together with other Cushies.

Today, April 5, 2014 there was a local Cushie meeting in Northern Virginia.  This time, I drove the bright blue (Pacific Coast Highway blue in Chrysler parlance) Cushie Cruiser.



Some of the Cushies were old friends, some were new ones but it’s always wonderful to get together, to share stories, to not feel so alone with this disease.

If you can, go to local meetings, get out for coffee, connect somehow with others.

You’ll be glad you did!

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Cushing’s Awareness Challenge, Day 3: Symptoms



Robin has made another excellent graphic of some of the symptoms of Cushing’s.  There are far too many to be listed in any image, as shown by the list at


Just to be silly, a few years ago, I did my own version of Cushing’s symptoms:


The Seven Dwarves of Cushing's

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