Cushing’s Awareness Month Day 1: Know Your Body

Another great Cushing’s Awareness 2015 Blog!

Living with Cushing's Disease

Today begins Cushing’s Awareness Month, in celebration of Dr. Harvey Cushing’s birthday on April 8th. Not only is he the father of modern neurosurgery, but he is also the one that discovered – and researched, and researched some more – the phenomenon now known as Cushing’s Disease.  Our guru/Gandhi/den mother, Mary O., came up with the idea of posting a blog a day during the month of April as a way for bloggers like myself to help raise awareness for this disease.

Today was an insane day at my job. Anyone that works in the legal field understands the crunches, deadlines and craziness when several matters collide into one huge mess. Not only are you stretched thin, but you also feel like you leave bits and pieces of yourself scattered throughout your workplace like breadcrumbs. Days like those are incredibly taxing on anyone, but the physical, emotional and mental ramifications for…

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