Plan C: A local oncologist specializing in GI NETs

a tale of two tumors

Last week, I had an appointment with an oncologist specializing in NETs.  I was my usual nightmare patient self, walking into the appointment with a stack of symptoms and labs as long as my arm.  I tried my best to keep the list short and to the point, but the more questions she asked, the more messy it got.

I got a good first impression of this doctor.  She spent a lot of time with me and M.  She was happy to look at the pictures I brought with me and we discussed my labs at length.   I even ran my crazy somatostatinoma theory past her and showed her my suppressed TSH, IGF-1, gastrin and glucagon labs that were indirect evidence supporting this theory.  She didn’t laugh at me, which other doctors undoubtably would have.  Instead, she peppered me with questions about pituitary function post pituitary surgery (as this is…

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