It’s not over until the fat lady sings…and she ain’t singing yet

a tale of two tumors

After my disappointing appointment yesterday, I had the following exchange with my PCP via email, below.  It just made me feel hopeless.   I know she thinks I need exercise and anti-depressants and Prilosec – she has suggested all three to me before.  NO AMOUNT OF PROZAC AND PRILOSEC CAN FIX A TUMOR.  It boggles my mind that she honestly thinks this crap is going to solve my problems.  But it is good to know where I stand with her so that I can plan according.

Thankfully, I generally respond well to negative reinforcement 🙂  I was down last night, but I woke up mad as hell and more determined than ever to figure this shit out.  The fact that my PCP doesn’t think there is any “major diagnosis” coming my way was just the smack I needed to get my motivation back.   Just because she (and the others…

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