Good Patients Are Good Auditors

From the Cushing’s Awareness Challenge: “As a patient, especially a patient with a rare and complicated disease like Cushing’s, it is important for the doctor and patient to work together in the same way. Your doctor is the original team – planning and conducting the original analysis. You are the auditor – going through each step of the completed analysis and double checking that the logic of the analysis passes the “sniff” test, that the numbers are correct and interpreted properly and that no stone was left unturned during the original analysis. If you don’t serve as an auditor, you and your team could miss some very important mistakes….”

a tale of two tumors

In my former healthy life (and hopefully in my future healthy life), I was a litigation consultant.  I worked for a  firm full of PhD Economists and MBAs that provides economic analysis in the form of expert reports and testimony at trial in high profile lawsuits.  If you take a look at the Wall Street Journal on any given day, there is a good chance we are involved in the one of the cases on the front page.   Look around your house and I can almost guarantee I have worked on cases involving some of the products you use or the companies that make, market or sell them.

The work our firm does requires a great deal of attention to detail – not only because we want to make sure the job is done right on principle but also because there is a set of lawyers and consultants on the other…

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