Collateral Damage

From the Cushing’s Awareness Challenge:


I have been hiding. I have thought about writing for the challenge but life has been taking over. I am working on a PhD and I am dealing with some issues that may make finishing impossible. Survival is my focus right now. Since coming to this university, I have had so many problems with others’ interpretations of my health and the backlash from that. I never wanted it to get out but things did. Their misconceptions have become my reality. I have been fighting back but I have a lot of uncertainty.

We are in a difficult predicament. Misdiagnoses, misconceptions, and out-flat lies can prevent us from living the life that we could live. I have been having a really hard time with how hard I pushed through when I had active Cushing’s Disease to have THIS happen to me now. I am having battles with the department yet again…

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